TomTom turns up on Android


It’s taken TomTom such a long time to create its popular offline navigation applications to Android that you would be pardoned for thinking they were given lost on the way. If you have been awaiting a great offline solution then you might like to have a look. Additionally you get spoken turn-by-turn directions, 2D or three dimensional sights, speed camera alerts, traffic routing, multi-stop and eco routes, and lifelong updates towards the maps.

Your choices at this time include US & Canada, The European Union along with a whole load more. There’s also support for multiple languages. The price for that two packages pointed out is $50 or &pound40. A few of the other packages are less costly and you will find bigger packages that costs more. For instance, the United kingdom & Ireland package costs &pound30.99 as the whole of Europe package is &pound50.

Tomtom turns up on android1 TomTom turns up on Android

Support is presently limited. TomTom states the applications should operate on any device running Android 2.2 or greater, with an 800 x 480 or 854 x 480 resolution. It’s promising support for greater resolutions soon. You’ll also require a lot of space. The United States & Canada package will consume 2.3GB, the United kingdom & Ireland version is 367MB.

If you are wondering the reason why you would choose TomTom over Google Maps it is because it provides an onboard, offline solution. You may create routes and navigate with no connection. TomTom offer mapping data for a lot of other services, including Apple Maps. The mapping market has managed to move on after Google Maps provide a huge enjoy the backside which gps giant is trying to maintain.Not for nexus 7. Clearly they need possess a phone signal. I question why that’s mandatory? Maybe to allow them to sell you traffic or customise adverts for local companies?Granted, it requires some thinking ahead, but Google has offline maps which will make it super easy to pre-load a sizable area for later for those who have no signal. Free of charge, you can get every part of the globe that Google Maps supports… and offline if required. And, if you are offline, all of the “live” features (traffic, cameras, etc.) are nullified.

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