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Best Android Apps for Playing Video


Don’t misunderstand me. The stock video player on Android works all right for many folks. But, you are not just one of &ldquomost&rdquo Android folks, are you currently? This is exactly why you are searching for a relevant video player

Best Android Apps for Playing Podcasts


Podcast enthusiasts accustomed to download their most favorite episodes for their desktop computers and laptops, then send the files to their SD cards, plug the SD cards to their Android phones, and voila! Instant podcast viewing/listening on the telephone.Everything has

Best android apps for kindle fire


Since late 2011, the Amazon Kindle Fire continues to be among the most popular pills outdoors from the iPad and also at $200, it had been the first that just about anybody are able to afford. This really is technically

Best android apps september 2012


September 2012 passed rapidly and we’ll obviously remember it using the new apple iphone 5 and also the ton number of applications that got up-to-date for that bigger screen. Surely, we saw one application that instantly grew to become probably

Best android apps for rooted phones 2012


Be it to eliminate undesirable applications installed with a company, a distaste for any custom UI set up through the handset’s manufacturer, or perhaps need to mess using the device’s more complex configurations, lots of people nowadays decide to root

Best Android apps for hobbyists


There is nothing better ones and fun simultaneously like a hobby. It can make your existence better, not just giving you a chance to p-stress but to maintain your hands from getting idle. Hobbies ranges from creating a miniature ship

Best android apps for new parents 2012


Even though your baby isn’t old enough to use a smart phone yet, there are plenty of great apps that can make your life as a new parent easier. Here are a few that are recommended by experienced KC parents!A

Best android apps for college students 2012


So you (or your child) are going off to college this fall? Don’t forget to pack a toothbrush, some extra-long sheets, a great laptop, and all the important tech gear. These essential apps for your Android phone will help keep

Best android apps for toddlers free

Finding appropriate programs for young children inside the Android store can be somewhat tricky, that’s odd given Google’s mission for organize our planet’s information which makes it globally accessible and useful. Listed here are five from the finest free programs

Best android apps for toddlers 2012


Are you currently presently presently presently presently presently a dad or mom within the youthful child? Will there’s a smartphone? Just just just in case you clarified both of these questions acquiring a &ldquoyes&rdquo, then chances are you sometimes provide