Star Wars Angry Birds mash-up

Individuals annoying piggies have certainly triggered problems in certain pretty strange places, from space towards the setting from the movie Rio. They can now star in their own individual game, Bad Piggies. One place we haven’t yet discover their whereabouts was the The Exorcist world. Beginning March. eighth, we might finally begin to see the angry wild birds and bad piggies get hold of lightsabers in the end.The thought of Jedis, labersabers and Sith pigs might seem strange but the cool thing is that Rovio is planning this type of mash-up. Rovio lately tweeted out a hyperlink to the Angry Wild birds Tumblr page. The page demonstrated of the picture of the items was likely an angry bird inside a Jedi robe having a lightsaber beside it.It remains unseen whether this could have the identical bird-flinging style. It’s also entirely possible that this might finally begin to see the wild birds doing something brand-new. Possibly light saber battles?The reveal event will occur in the New You are able to City Occasions Square at Toys R Us, vibrant and early at 8am EST. This is not the very first time that The Exorcist has modified to some strange setting, as observed in the LEGO series. I’m able to already imagine among the piggies outfitted as Darth Vader, recommending towards the wild birds that in some way he’s really their father.

Star wars angry birds mash up1 Star Wars Angry Birds mash up

Do you enjoy visiting a Star Wars Angry Birds mash-up or otherwise? May the Pressure be around you!

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