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The competition concept is extremely straightforward– but, it managed to hold me in thrall. As the 4 Pics 1 Word’s name recommends, the player sees 4 pictures that have a common measure (i.e. something rather apparent alike). The target is to suspect that word. Learn the deets in our testimonial after the jump.

There more than 200 questions in total amount, many of them a lot more difficult compared to the example listed above. You are offered several clues to aid solve the teasers, such as the character count every word. Still, it may effectively take place that you are not able to fix a teaser. This is where the pieces come into play. Collect them as you go (you are granted 3 pieces per resolved riddle), and ought to you ever obtain stuck you can easily utilize them to buy your escape of the strict corner. An answer will certainly cost you 60 coins, so utilize them sensibly. There’s likewise an in-app look for those individuals who want to literally get answers. You can easily assist the designers by buying a couple of coins, or else merely do a good job at answering everything the right way and you won’t have to consider the in-app store whatsoever. My pointer: You can easily also do a net look for the proper responses.

4 Pics 1 Word is currently inhabiting the second location in the free of charge app list and is significantly prominent– and it’s not challenging to see why. The gameplay is straightforward however addictive and the scope of the app is big sufficient to keep users inhabited for an excellent while, though this is more of a time-killer app in my manual.

Review pics word android app1 Review 4 Pics 1 Word Android App

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