Android hdmi dongle india


Detailed Product Description

Android hdmi dongle india1 Android hdmi dongle india

Android on a Stick–Tiny Android HDMI Dongle Stick Media player Dongle,turning any TV with HDMI into a smart tv

The main functions of the Androstick multimedia HDMI stick are the same as of those of the Android TV box or the Google TV:

– Surf the Internet with a full Android browser to access any website for entertainment, information or education.

– Watch YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or any other video site or video-on-demand services.

– Chat with Facebook or Twitter and use Skype for video conferencing (a USB camera is needed).

– Accses the Android app-store to download, install and run the huge number of Android applications available.

– Stream HD video, music and images from local memory or from any computer or mobile device at home (DLNA).

Many remote control options are availble: IR remote, wireless mouse, mini-keyboard with touch pad, min-keyboard with flying air-mouse or an air-mouse (no keyboard). You can even use your iPhone or Android smart phone to control the Androstick.

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